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Welcome to the new Prison Officers’ Medical Aid Website.

The website has been updated to work with our new claims processing software system.  You can get all of the same information from the site as before. Now, however, you will also be able to print off your claims history and update your contact information on our database.  From 2015 onwards, the claims history that you can print will be valid as a statement of your benefits for claiming medical expenses, income tax relief.

Logging in

Since this is a new website, all members will have to re-register to gain access.

To verify that you are the correct user of the account you will be asked to provide your member number, your date of birth and your PPS number to see that they match the details we have here.

For serving members, your member number is your staff number with a zero at the start of it and including the letter i.e. 01234A.

For retired members, your member number is your personnel number.